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The latest example, Bitcoin Syndicate puts a small twist on the typical crowdfunding story. They expect to be able to make a profit, and provide a return to their crowd. By James McCarthy (nefario) read more. 22 Feb 2012 Bitcoin Media: BTC-Hospital Saves Me. That guy on the bitcoin forums literally saved me from crippling injury in a few years ... To further narrow it down, I chose to focus for now on the Bitcoin category on Trilema - for one thing, it's the most relevant to TMSR anyway and for the other, the way I see it, what came to be known as TMSR grew in fact quite organically and therefore gradually out of MP's public involvement with Bitcoin. While one can point to one moment or another as "the start of TMSR", I'd rather look at ... Nefario himself has stated that the GLBSE is never coming back, and although he has hinted at the possibility of the GLBSE’s parent company, Bitcoin Global, creating a regulated and legal exchange to replace it, it is doubtful that enough Bitcoin businesses would be willing to go along with the issuer requirements that such a status would entail for the effort be worth it. Currently, many ... This July a computer developer who goes by the handle Doctor Nefario landed at the Seattle-Tacoma airport from China for a two-month mind-meld with FeedZeBirds was listed on the Global Bitcoin Stock Exchange, which was run by a man with the confidence-inspiring online nickname "Nefario." The SEC drily points out that the GBSE "ceased operations" in October 2012. From my casual perusal, FeedZeBirds does not seem like a particularly vibrant business these days either.

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