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BetTronLive, let's play!

Throw the #dice, let them roll, watch as you #RAKE in your winnings!Play #BetTronLive #Lambo #Dice and start earning.We aim to give you the best online games. Experience a new way to earn and #play!

BetTronLive, let's play!

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BetTronLive's own native cryptocurrency is the RAKE token!

BetTronLive's own native cryptocurrency is the RAKE token!

#BetTronLive's own native cryptocurrency – the RAKE token –takes user experience in #iGaming to the next level.

> BetTronLive offers players PROOF OF PLAYING - A simple yet effective mining model that will allow users to earn RAKE tokens when playing games or watching video ads on the platform.

> A large pool redistributed to RAKE holders with dividends paid out daily.

> A community payday pot released randomly every week .

BetTronLive, a new blockchain-based online gaming platform that integrates live dealer casino games with new DApp gaming trends in the world.

Join our community:https://t.me/BetTronLive
Keep updated on announcements:https://t.me/BetTronLiveANN
Visit our Website:https://bettronlive.io/
Whitepapers & Summaries (Multilingual):https://bettronlive.io/documents.php
Follow us in our social media:Twitter: https://twitter.com/bettronlive
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/BetTronLive
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bettronlive/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bettronlive/
Medium: https://medium.com/@bettronlive
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxNpc_WniZ7iFYSTW1ppJ7g
#RAKE #trondapp #TRON #trx #Trondapps #casino #onlinecasino #gaming#onlinegaming #onlinebetting #sportsbetting #dice #slotmachine #baccarat#bingo #btc #alts #bitcoin #altcoins #cryptocurrency #blockchain#livedealers #dealers #players #winner #model #dividends #earn
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What Is Litecoin & Differences Between Litecoin And Bitcoin

What is Litecoin?
Litecoin (LTC) is the second largest crypto currency only smaller than Bitcoin. Litecoin is the biggest of the so called altcoins and is similar to but with some distinct differences to Bitcoin (BTC). Litecoin was created by Charlie Lee, a former Google employee who goes by the screen name coblee, and was launched on October 7th 2011.
LTC is similar to BTC in that it uses a proof of work blockchain, difficulty adjusts every 2016 blocks, and rewards half about every 4 years.
LTC is different to BTC in that the LTC network aims to process blocks every 2.5 minutes compared to BTCs 10 minutes. This allows for faster confirmation times. LTC aims to produce 84 Million LTCs which is roughly 4 times as many coins as BTC will eventually produce. LTC uses an algorithm called Scrypt, and BTC uses SHA-256. Scrypt is roughly 1000 times slower than SHA256 which is why you see LTC mining speeds quoted in KH/s (Thousand hashes per second) vs BTCs MH/s (Million hashes per second).
LTC was originally designed so that it could be easily mined on CPUs and be resistant to mining on GPUs. With ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) having taken over the BTC mining world, a common misconception is that Scrypt is ASIC proof. Scrypt is only ASIC resistant just as it was deigned to be GPU resistant. What this all means is that eventually LTC will be able to be mined with ASICs but the increase in speed is not going to be anywhere near what it was with BTC and SHA-256. This fact means that GPU mining will not be wiped out as it was with BTC.
LTC uses addresses very similar to BTC addresses. They are a mix of 33 numbers and letters but always start with a L.
LTC is often described LTC as silver to BTCs gold. While some BTC enthusiasts dislike LTC and say it takes something away from BTC, alot of people disagree. LTC being a smaller and younger coin has the ability to change things and test new ideas. BTC has a much larger user base and larger team of developers so it can be harder to come to a consensus on changes with BTC. Litecoin devs have recently been helping develop both LTC and BTC by contributing bug fixes to the BTC-qt devs for inclusion in the Bitcoin-qt client.
LTCs native client is the Litecoin-qt application which is very similar to the Bitcoin-qt client. Litecoin-qt is available for Linux, Windows and Mac at the official Litecoin website. If you would like to see a guide on how to setup a Litecoin-qt wallet please see How To Create A Litecoin Wallet.
Alot of the same things that exist for BTC exist for LTC. Such as:
Litecoin Block Explorer
Another Block Explorer
Litecoin Wiki
Litecoin Gambling
Litecoin Dice
Litecoin Mining Calculator
There are many exchanges that support trading LTC for other crypto currencies as well as USD. Some (but not all) exchanges are listed below.
OKCoin for China
I do not endorse any of these exchanges. I am only listing them for information purposes only. As with anything in the crypto world please do your own research before doing any type of transaction.
Some links to the LTC community are:
LTC Forums
LTC Google+
And of course the LTC subreddit
A very popular chart website for LTC (and other coins).
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How to Generate Bitcoin Address Using Dice The Ultimate Bitcoin (BTC) Review - Best Cryptocurrency to ... (Bitcoin Trade) Bitcoin ultrapassa US$ 500 - YouTube Bitcoin supera al oro en cada medida, dice el ... Bitcoin Wallet Recovery

It was a fork of the Bitcoin-QT client, different mainly in having increased number of maximum coins being produced, slightly modified GUI, different hashing algo and quicker block generation times. Transactions? A p2p network similar to bitcoin's handles Litecoin's transactions, balances and issuance through scrypt, the proof-of-work scheme. Litecoin miners are getting rewarded when a small ... Bitcoin 比特币官方客户端有两个版本:一个是图形界面的版本,通常被称为 Bitcoin(首字母大写),以及一个简洁命令行的版本(称为 bitcoind)。它们相互间是兼容的,有着同样的命令行参数,读取相同的配置文件,也读写相同的数据文件。您可以在一台电脑中运行 Bitcoin 客户端或是 bitcoind 客户端的 ... If Satoshi Dice is being distruptive this way (and I don't know that it is, convince me one way or the other with metrics), then I am in favor of blacklisting it until such time the the bitcoin protocol can handle this new type of (ab)use. > > quote from mike hearn of the bitcoin foundation: > > [11:48:36] <hearn> we all use our computers for things ;) people who don't > use linux still manage ... Der aktuelle Bitcoin-Kurs (13,025.81 $) im Live-Chart in EUR, USD & CHF im Überblick Bitcoin-Rechner Verfolge den aktuellen Kursverlauf live! After installing the bitcoin client (Qt) a friend got interested as well. He doesn't have as fast an internet connection, though, so I thought of burning some DVDs with the blockchains for him to have. I saw this question on how to transfer blockchain from PC to Mac and the solution was to copy the whole "Bitcoin" folder. However, that folder also contains MY wallet as well (which I definitely ...

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How to Generate Bitcoin Address Using Dice

New bitcoin dice game 🎲 super 💣 https://goo.gl/NCFJKo #criptomonedas #economia #zamna} La economía está cambiando la velocidad del rayo, podemos observar que todo esto nos impactará profundamente en los próximos... How to generate a bitcoin address using dice. How to generate a base6 private key using dice and bitaddress. Category Howto & Style; Show more Show less. Loading... Advertisement Autoplay When ... (Bitcoin Trade) Bitcoin ultrapassa US$ 500 BITCOIN PRICE , BITCOIN FUTURE in doubt http://youtu.be/eO-yrpQpIT8 What is NAMECOIN BITCOIN'S First Fork http://y... The ultimate review of Bitcoin (BTC), the grandaddy of all the cryptocurrencies, based on 9 key metrics: Market Size, Supply & Demand Economics, Decentraliza...