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08-31 07:46 - 'You can use a p2p exchange: / [[link]] / Long term price charts are the place to start: / [[link]] / [[link]] / If anyone wants a 17 minute crash course on Bitcoin economics than these 2 articles are excellent- / [[link...' by /u/Leading_Zeros removed from /r/Bitcoin within 504-514min

You can use a p2p exchange:
Long term price charts are the place to start:
If anyone wants a 17 minute crash course on Bitcoin economics than these 2 articles are excellent-
If you have a few more minutes read these 2 articles :
For the ten-thousand foot view of where Bitcoin fits into the history of money, check out this article series:
AUDIO: [[link]29
If you are ready to go down the rabbit hole of knowledge Learn more here –
Any questions just ask here or on [BitcoinBeginners]20
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1: ky*n* 2: ww**look**to****ar**/b**coin-logarit*mi*-gr*wth-*urve/ 3: d*gi*al***n*t/btc/s2fx 4: *edi***com/*jim*y*ong/why*bitcoin**s-differe***e17b**3fd947 5: m*dium*com*@ji*my*ong/why*b*tc*in-w*rks-fe32**9a**f5 6: m*diu*.co*/@vijay**yap**i/*h*-bu**ish-cas*-for-b**coin*6ecc8bdecc* 7: *e**um.c*m/the-*i*coi*-times**itco**-*nd*the-tyranny-*f*t**e-scarc*ty-1d15*0d*d8b0 8: medium*co*/*b*eedl*ve22*money-*****in-and-time-*art-1-of-*-b**6b*03*c0* 9: a*cho*.f*/*he*ryp**conomy*episod*s****ey--Bi*coin-*-Ti*e*--*y-*o*ert*Breedlove-e9avia 10: ww**lopp.***/bitco*n-informa*ion.**ml 11: www.lopp*net/l*gh*nin**inf*rm**ion*ht*l 12: *0ho**so*bitcoin.c*m/ 13: naka*o*o*ns**me*poo** 14: wtf*appe**din*971*co*/ 15: *ww.bitco*naudi**** 16: whatis**ne*.inf*/ 17: *itco*n-r*s*** 18: w*w*bitcoin1**b* 19: 2*les*ons.*om* 20: ww*.reddi*.*o****BitcoinBeginner*/ 21: ky**o**me/]^^1 22: www.loo**n*obitc*in.c***ch*r*s/bi*c*in-l*ga**thmic-gr*w*h-curve/]*^2 23: digita*ik.*et*btc/*2*x]^^* 24: **d**m*com/@*immy**ng**h*-bitcoin-i**differ*nt-*17b81*fd947]^^4 25: me****m*ysong/w**-bitcoin-*orks-fe328*9***f5]*^* 26: *e*i**boy*pati/the*bulli*h-c**e*for-bit**in-*ecc8*d**c1**^6 27: med*um*co**th*-*i*c*in-time*/bitc*in*a*d-t**-ty*anny-o*-tim**scarc*ty*1*1550*fd8b0]^^7 28: me**u*.com**b*e*dlove22/m*ney-*itc*in-and-tim*-*art*1-o****b4f6bb036**4]^^8 29: a*ch*r.*m/*hecryp*ocon*my/epis****/M*ney--Bitc**n---T*me---by-Ro*er*-Bre*dl**e-e9avi**^^* 30: w***c**n-i*fo*mation.h*ml]^**0 31: *ww.lop*.net/lightni*g-i*f*r*at**n.**ml]^*11 32: *0h*u*sofbitco*]^*1* 33: n*ka**t**nst**ol/]**13 34: *tfh*ppene*i**971.c*m/*^^14 35: *ww*b*tcoina*di*bo*k*com/]*^15 36: w*at*smon*y*i*fo*]^^16 37: bi*c*in*re*ources.c**]^^17 38: www.bitcoi*1**.clu**^^*8 39: 21l*s*ons.c*m]^^*9
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Large-scale updates of Tkeycoin. What’s next? — listing on the crypto exchange. Are you with us?

Large-scale updates of Tkeycoin. What’s next? — listing on the crypto exchange. Are you with us?
Hello, everyone, It’s been a long time since you heard our team, someone thought we were gone, someone was waiting, and someone disappeared himself.
All this time we have worked hard to bring you good news. We will tell you what we have prepared for you, what events will be soon, what you can use right now and what else will be new in the year. And so, let’s go!

Preparing for listing on the exchange

The pandemic period played into the hands of the entire team and we managed to build beauty in our services. In anticipation of the exchange, the team tidied up the sites and services and connected new tools. First of all, we paid attention to the preparation of all services for a foreign audience, taking into account its mentality.
New sections, localizations, nice things, and much more to ensure the most efficient use of the TKEY resource. In addition to the new tabs, the services that we will talk about in this material, there is a special page for representatives of the exchange with the necessary documentation for listing —

Full localization

Already today the official website available in 5 languages: Russian, English, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional).
We made adjustments to the Russian and English versions of the site, including support for Korean and Chinese for each section of the site. Professionals in their field, native speakers translated and adapted the information as it should be, and we, in turn, structured and framed it properly. So welcome!
We will update language support for the site, and soon it will include support for all languages that are available in the mobile app.

QR Codes for Asian Audience
Our friends and residents of Asian countries actively use QR codes in their lives, both when paying in stores and when working with websites. QR codes are used almost everywhere when renting a car or bike, we just open the phone, scan and the mode of transport becomes available for use, anything is available for rent, even a battery, even an umbrella.
“It was a hot May day. Seven-year-old Wang Jiaozui came out of school and saw his grandfather, who came to pick him up. He was standing in the sun, and his shirt was soaked with sweat. Jiaozui invited the grandfather to buy a cold Cola in the shop, but he forgot her purse at home. It turned out that this is not important — the boy took his grandfather’s smartphone and called the payment app with a QR code on the screen.” ©
What to say if QR codes are used even to identify entire farms. By pasting QR codes on farm buildings and then scanning them, government inspectors can quickly figure out who owns the building and whether its owners are violating any laws.
We must be on the trend! Now a special library generates QR codes for the desired page, any tab on the site in Chinese and Korean-accompanied by a QR code that leads to the requested page: fast, convenient, and simple.
Providing this opportunity to our colleagues and future users of Tkeycoin from Asia is a friendly approach and most importantly, a strategic step on our part. After implementing QR codes, we are undoubtedly drawn into the convenience of this function, which we recommend to You:) If you like it, we will make QR codes on the Russian and English versions of the site.

Buying and withdrawing cryptocurrency to a Bankcard
On the site, you can now buy Bitcoin for pound, dollars, euro, and any other currency. This is a powerful automated service for instant exchange of fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies. The system works around the clock and seven days a week, allowing everyone to conduct exchanges at any time of the day and in the shortest possible time.
Withdrawal to a Bank card will be available until the end of the month, we finish the details, the page is available now, and the withdrawal itself will be activated during this week. You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other currency right now.
These features are the future for the function of purchasing any product or service for TKEY at any point of sale, which will form the basis of the mobile app, quickly, conveniently, and most importantly, observing the letter of the law.
All we do is build an Empire that is being built before your eyes. Every service and product is connected, so any update promises the appearance of even more cool and effective features than before.

Buying cryptocurrency for pound, dollars, euros, and other currencies

At the end of February, we told you that we are working on building a payment service that will include the provision of services: buy cryptocurrencies, sell a cryptocurrency, withdraw cryptocurrency to Bank cards, etc.
This day has come, now you can buy Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether USDT, Basic Attention Token (BAT), Algorand (ALGO), Tron (TRX), OKB (Token
The purchase is available in any currency: Russian ruble, US Dollar, Euro, British pound, Ukrainian hryvnia, Indonesian rupiah, South Korean won, Japanese yen, Turkish Lira, Argentine peso.
As you can see, the currency corridors are quite extensive, which allows you to make exchanges fast and at a favorable rate. Just choose the right pair to exchange or buy, available fiat currencies: RUB, USD, EUR, GBP, UAH, IDR, KRW, JPY, TRY, ARS, available cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, BAT, USDT, ALGO, TRX, OKB.
Even if this wide list does not include the currency you want to buy, such as Bitcoin or USDT, it’s okay — the service will automatically convert your currency into the payment currency and the Bank will make the exchange. Exchanges take place within 1–3 minutes, it is enough to pass quick verification once, which allows you to work with a volume of > 15,000 euros per month.

Exchange of cryptocurrencies for pound, dollars, euros, and withdrawal of Bankcard

In addition to the fact that you can now easily buy a cryptocurrency for fiat currencies, pound, dollars or any other, during this week we will finish work on the withdrawal to a Bank card and you can easily withdraw your profit to the card, the most important thing is that this is a completely legal method, and all operations pass through banks and jurisdictions where work with digital assets is legalized.
This means that when you buy or make a withdrawal to the card, you get legal funds that are credited to you by the Bank or payment system.
If you are used to working with effective tools that work in a new way, or rather correctly and legally, then this service is for you. Fast crediting, easy exchange, a large selection of currency pairs, that’s what the company is betting on.
We work with the most reliable third-party partners to make your cryptocurrency process easy and convenient, and most importantly safe for You. The service supports plastic and virtual Bank cards VISA, MasterCard, MIR, and other payment systems for fast payment processing.
On the exchange page, you can choose any currency pair to exchange in the opposite direction, for example, GBP to BTC or USD to BTC. Choose a suitable pair for exchange, available fiat currencies: RUB, USD, EUR, GBP, UAH, IDR, KRW, JPY, TRY, ARS, available cryptocurrencies for exchange: BTC, ETH, BAT, USDT, ALGO, TRX, OKB.
How it works
When buying cryptocurrency for the first time, your Bank reserves (holds) the requested amount, then this amount is transferred to the authorization waiting state. As soon as the Bank freezes the fiat funds, the service fixes the exchange rate at the time of creating the application, reserves the cryptocurrency, and provides you with 30–40 minutes to complete verification. After successful verification, the service charges cryptocurrency to the wallet.

Quick verification

Verification takes 2–3 minutes and requires only one time to perform operations every day. The “Know Your Customer” (KYC) procedure is necessary to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies.
As you understand, you need to pass verification 1 time, regardless of whether you withdraw funds or buy currency, after passing verification, all services are available to You without any further confirmation.

New currency

Support for other currencies, including TKEY, will be added gradually and highlighted through service updates. As for the TKEY exchange, it will become available in exchange services after listing on the exchange. Listing on an exchange allows you to automate the exchange process, link the necessary services, and most importantly, the exchange provides liquidity, which is key when we talk about exchanging for a particular currency.
We will tell you more about the operation of the service and its advantages, chips, in a separate material dedicated to the withdrawal and purchase of cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies, as well as touch on various banking issues and tell you how you can combine the SWAP service for more efficient exchange and withdrawal to the card.

Charitable activity

By making an exchange or purchase of cryptocurrency, you help children and people who need our help. We deduct 0.1% of the profit from each transaction to charity funds.
This is the fastest and most comfortable way of charity, which allows you to bring together people who are not indifferent to other people’s problems. TKEY enables people to do good deeds, and the resulting turnover profit of 0.1% is sent to charity funds every month. Together with You, we create new opportunities for people in need who need help — “Big things have small beginnings”.
How does it work?
You have made an exchange or purchase operation, the company has accumulated the volume of these operations for a month->the company has chosen a charity Fund->sent funds to the charity Fund’s account. Priority charity funds are children’s aid funds. You can always suggest a candidate for a particular Fund by sending a message to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
Why do we write Funds and not a Fund?
This is the first launch of the service, so depending on the monthly volume, we will focus on distributing funds to one charity or several. For example, if we have accumulated $ 10,000, we can distribute $ 5,000 to 2 funds. if we have accumulated $ 100, it is logical that we will only send this amount to 1 Fund. With the development of the service, we will be able to focus on several funds, which we will actively help due to the received volume.

New sections, improvements for existing services

Menu logic and site structure

The menu logic has been revised. now more items are available on the menu and they are divided into sections. Navigation through the sections has become much easier and more convenient. for some sections, QR codes are available for Russian and English-speaking audiences, and for representatives of Asian countries, all sections are available by QR code.


New blocks were added, the entire page was fully localized and is available in Chinese, Korean, English and Russian, and QR codes were added for easy navigation for the Asian audience.

Documentation for the exchange

We have already mentioned that there is a section for exchanges with the necessary documentation for listing, now it is available in English. In the next updates, it will be translated into Russian, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), and Korean.

Market Data (Coin Data)

The market data section has been optimized for mobile apps. Charts are expanded and optimized page borders for most mobile devices, and you can search for cryptocurrencies and tokens that interest you.


Added answers to frequently asked questions in various sections of the site, You can find the information directly on the section page, for example, TKEY-QT, SWAP or Core. Right on the page there is a FAQ section, in which we disclose answers to questions, for example: How are You going to solve the scalability problem, or why did you choose Phoenix as the logo and symbol of the project, or how do you exchange cryptocurrency for pound or dollars? As you can see, you can get answers to different questions, depending on the topic of the site section.


For convenience, the site’s footer has been expanded and new sections (quick tabs) are included, which are also available in the QR-code format. In addition to various details, the footer is now accompanied by the company’s coat of arms — the Phoenix, which is the symbol of the entire community, the Phoenix Alliance.

Page 404

Added page 404, which is also an integral part of the site. now when you go to a non-existent site page, all the necessary menu items are fully available to us, which will quickly Orient You and direct you to the desired section.

What is waiting for us in the nearest future?

In addition to various improvements, connecting services, our team has been working every day on other main areas of the Tkeycoin project, which are already being prepared for the next release and we will tell you what updates, what plans, events, and what else will be interesting this year.

Online conference with management

An online conference in question-answer format will be organized. The main task of the conference, in addition to questions and answers, is to discuss plans, talk about new directions, touch on issues of legislation, and analyze current issues of users.
The online meeting format will allow you to get feedback and discuss a large number of issues in a short time. Questions related to technical support and other questions that can be answered through the administration will not be discussed.
The meeting involves the development, constructive, and suggestions from users for further development of the Tkeycoin project. If you are interested in participating in the conference, you can also make business proposals during it, please use the time to your advantage. We work for you.

New content: reports, new categories, useful information

Based on user feedback, we introduce new categories to our content plan:
Reports This section will be accompanied by information about the work done by the team for the month, the format of submission — abstracts, highlights. This format will help establish feedback between users and developers.
In addition to the content that we produce ourselves, users have questions that arise during the process of working with the project’s services, as well as during interaction with the project itself. To avoid making guesses and making up stories, we have introduced the question-answer category.
Users ask questions in comments, and the company prepares answers based on the questions and they are published in the post. Depending on the number of questions, the post generates all the answers, or the post is divided into parts if the number of questions for the past period was the largest. In addition to asking questions, you can make suggestions to the project, for example, about new features or directions.
This format also builds feedback and helps to improve all services. the most important thing is that it can not only help us but also you, as the offer and questions will help you focus on the tasks that the end-user wants to see.

TKEY-POOL (Tkeycoin pool)

We are completing the work and debugging of the official pool for Tkeycoin, this is a completely new approach for mining Tkeycoin. The pool will feature higher performance and stable architecture, a light interface, and objective commissions.
A pool is a highly loaded system that works 24/7/365, it turns out that such a product hides a sufficient number of lines of code and, most importantly, is built on a reliable architecture that can withstand +50000–100000 miners, not to mention the number of connected devices for this number of miners.
A cryptocurrency pool is a combination of the hardware power of many miners at once to increase the probability of finding a block. The reward for a block obtained by the pool is distributed among all participants.
The TKEY pool is developed taking into account the features of the Tkeycoin blockchain, including multi-blockchain, transaction model, hashing, blocks, and other nuances that are an upgrade of the blockchain among others. Together with the pool, the TKEY network is being tested: high loads, attacks, and other tests that show positive results, proving that the TKEY blockchain can work under any loads and is protected from attacks.
Our task was to: 1. Stable system for handling high loads; 2. Adaptation pool for any software; 3. Connecting any hardware for mining cryptocurrency Tkeycoin; 4. Fair remuneration calculation; 5. Security.
The main goal is for any user, regardless of the software and hardware used, to be able to connect to Tkeycoin mining via a pool. The first releases will be accompanied by a simple user-friendly interface, easy connection, instructions for various mining programs that can be connected.
In future releases, we will optimize the operation of the pool, add new features, as well as tracking functions and other nice things. any suggestions from miners and the community are interesting to us and will be implemented, so do not hesitate to send your suggestions after the launch.

Work on the TkeySpace mobile app is also not standing still. We will soon release updates for TkeySpace on Android and iOS.
This release is a complete transition to the most stable version of the mobile wallet. This means that after the update, even with the largest changes, the user will not need to completely reinstall or restore to use the new features, as before, just update the app via the AppStore or GooglePlay.
Between the previous update has been a sufficient amount of time, on average, updates are released once a month. This update will be one of the major ones. We are finishing work on the code to prepare the app for the new features that will be available this year. Besides, we are improving the app’s logic, data processing speed, optimizing the code, restoring order, and preparing for the global market.

Exchange, purchase of cryptocurrency and withdrawal to the Debit/Credit Card
In addition to pleasant optimizations, the app will display the exchange and withdrawal to a Bankcard, tab with an optimized page for exchange, withdrawal, and the purchase will be available directly in the mobile app. This upgrade will also capture the cryptocurrency exchange SWAP page, which can be evaluated after the update. Other features and new features will be announced by the developers immediately after the release.

SWAP Update

The development team is finishing work on optimizing the SWAP service. Regardless of updates, it is available in working mode 24/7/365. The team is working on improving the operation, optimizing the page, changing the interfaces, improving navigation, and speeding up query processing. This update is also among the upcoming ones, along with the pool, mobile wallets, and other news that will excite.

Network Statistics

In the network statistics section, there are several sections that will be fixed — this is the hash rate of the network and the volume of Tkeycoin. Now the volume of Tkeycoin is displayed by mTKEY, and the graph itself indicates M TKEY, the user may incorrectly understand the volume of transactions in the network, so, given the current volume, it is advisable to switch the display to TKEY, and in the future switch to mTKEY for large volumes.
TKEY is divided into cryptograms (CryptoGramm, cgr), uTKEY (keys), and mTKEY. 1 TKEY = 100 000 000 cryptograms. 1 mTKEY = 100,000 cryptograms. 1 TKEY contains 1000 mTKEY. 1 mTKEY = 0.00100000 TKEY 1 uTKEY =100 cryptograms 1 TKEY contains 1,000,000 utkeys. 1 uTKEY (keys) = 0.00000100 TKEY 1 cgr = 0.00000001 TKEY

Cryptocurrency Exchange

This issue has become the cause of mass discussions, disputes, investigations, the subject of memes, kitchen, and online conversations, that just did not happen, that TKEY is not taken anywhere, someone made guesses that we are waiting for everyone to run away, or TKEY is a world conspiracy and around some actors, you can write a book or shoot a great series, not worse than Breaking Bad.
Jokes, jokes, but the question is serious. Since the 4th quarter of last year, the company has been actively working on the issue of listing, prepared the necessary platform for this, held several meetings, negotiations, released the necessary products, figured out various transfers of funds to the blockchain, worked out many small things, many major issues that were behind the scenes. Everything is ready, and it’s time to start soon. This will be a surprise, believe it or not, and we will meet you on the stock exchanges :)

What other plans does the company have?

Enabling payment at retail outlets

After entering the exchange, we will actively engage in connecting payments to implement them and link them to TKEY. The plan, strategy, and legal component are ready.

Payment development

This implies the development of payments and services that will expand the use of digital currencies in the commercial sphere. Application on the territory of Russia will depend on the Federal law on the CFA, in any case, we plan to analyze the law, after its release, to find a legal way to implement payments based on blockchain and digital assets. Therefore, until the law is released, we are keeping this initiative in the future, and we will work on other jurisdictions that will support it.
We left some plans behind the scenes, because they will make the greatest impact on the market and the value of our asset, and this — likes silence.

What useful materials will be released soon?

How to effectively use the SWAP service together with the exchange and purchase of cryptocurrency from a Bank card?

We will tell you in detail how to use these 2 services, how to save on payments and purchases, how to exchange tokens that are very difficult to exchange, how to quickly get money for them to the card, and much more.

The law CFA

Our opinion about the law of cryptocurrencies in Russia, what to pay attention to, what to prepare for, how to act if there is a complete ban. Let’s talk about legal nuances and banking practices.

TKEY blockchain

In this material, we will talk about the blockchain, analyze the issues of the system, expand the questions on attacks, payment processing, and touch on the system of multiple chains. The article suggests your suggestions, perhaps someone will have ideas that we will implement in the chain.
At the end,
Don’t forget to ask questions in the comments or send suggestions to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) we will be happy to respond and consider your requests for any of our services. Collaboration, feedback, help us make the whole platform better.
Thank you for being with us! Until new meetings, stay tuned for news, updates, because the most unexpected news comes spontaneously.
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04-29 16:55 - 'I don't remember saying anything about trading. If you are vaguely familiar with looking at charts, or listen to someone who knows what they're talking about, then its easy to do better buying the dips that you would DCA. / F...' by /u/1488_______ removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-5min

I don't remember saying anything about trading. If you are vaguely familiar with looking at charts, or listen to someone who knows what they're talking about, then its easy to do better buying the dips that you would DCA.
For instance, any amount I buy is gonna be around 0.5 - 1% of my total holding, max.
It makes much more sense to buy the dips rather than just buy on a set day even though all indicators say the price will be lower in a few days or a week later. I've never sold and won't for a long time, so it's pretty hard to get rekt.
DCA isn't some genius method, it just minimises variance.
Right now for instance, if I had 50k to drop, I'm not gonna DCA in 250 a week... that would just be dumb. Throwing away huge gains.
Some light reading:
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Author: 1488_______
1: www.*ar**t*at*h*co*/st*ry/the-*alla*y-of-*ollar-*ost-*ver*ging*20*2*05*15 2: ****inga****.com/articl*/4*64825-my*h-of**olla*-cost-averagi**
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The Statue of Liberty, Mystery Babylon, Freemasonry and The New Roman Empire / Fourth Reich

The Mother of Exiles and the Destruction of Babylon

I've always thought Mystery Babylon in Revelations was America. Lots of signs point to that. Inanna/Ishtar was known as the Whore of Babylon and Mother of Prostitutes because she supposedly started the practice of sacred prostitution. Inanna was the goddess of love, beauty, sex, desire, fertility, war, combat, justice, and political power.
Sacred prostitution, temple prostitution, cult prostitution,[1] and religious prostitution are general terms for a sexual rite consisting of sexual intercourse or other sexual activity performed in the context of religious worship, perhaps as a form of fertility rite or divine marriage (hieros gamos). Some scholars prefer the term sacred sex to sacred prostitution in cases where payment for services was not involved.
But some scholars believe that this practice never existed and has been misunderstood.
The practice of sacred prostitution has not been substantiated in any Ancient Near Eastern cultures, despite many popular descriptions of the habit.[7] Through the twentieth century, scholars generally believed that a form of sacred marriage rite or hieros gamos was staged between the king of a Sumerian city-state and the High Priestess of Inanna, the Sumerian goddess of sexual love, fertility, and warfare, but no certain evidence has survived to prove that sexual intercourse was included. Along the Tigris and Euphrates rivers there was a temple of Eanna, meaning house of heaven[8] dedicated to Inanna in the Eanna District of Uruk.This will be relevant in my next post about the source of Yahweh's narcissism but for now, I'm just using this to illustrate part of the reason I think America is Babylon.
The Statue of Liberty is a representation of the Roman goddess Libertas. Which is a goddess that derived from many other goddesses: Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, Aphrodite, Venus, etc. Ultimately this goddess was transformed in a personification of America and liberty called Columbia. And just like Inanna, is it any wonder America seems to have 2 split sides to it? One side that is sexually repressed and all about virtue. And another that is obsessed with sex, violence, war
There's also the fact that the way Babylon is described sounds a lot like America. Getting the whole world drunk on our luxuries and riches, being arrogant and being fools who know nothing. This sounds like America too.
The Sumerians worshipped Inanna as the goddess of both warfare and sexuality. Unlike other gods, whose roles were static and whose domains were limited, the stories of Inanna describe her as moving from conquest to conquest. She was portrayed as young and impetuous, constantly striving for more power than she had been allotted.
Inanna also was depicted as riding a Lion and she associated with the planet Venus.
Regulus is a part of the constellation Leo and considered "the heart of the lion". Considering Regulus is a very important star in Trump's birth chart apparently, and that star was known as The King in Babylon (known as the little king as well in other places), that would make Trump the King of Babylon.
In 2014, Regulus was eclipsed by an asteroid for 14 seconds right over New York.
An asteroid will pass directly in front of Regulus, one of the brightest stars in our night sky, next Wednesday — briefly blacking out the star in what astronomers are calling a “once in a lifetime” event. Better yet, New York City falls directly within the viewing path which is literally paper-thin on the earths scale. The event is so small, and so brief, that it will only be visible over a sliver of area. And this area happens to encompass millions of people in New York City, Northeast NJ and Long Island.
On Thursday, March 20 2014, Regulus will participate in a rare celestial event when an asteroid passes directly in front of the star, as seen from Earth. The asteroid in question is 163 Erigone. Asteroid 163 Erigone is about 45 miles (72 km) wide, but its "shadow" slanting to Earth's surface will be 67 miles (108 km) wide.
Erigone's shadow will move on a southeast-to-northwest trajectory and will extend from New York City as well as western and central Long Island to Oswego in New York State, and then continues northwest, the length of Ontario to the Hudson Bay shore of Manitoba. Those who are within the shadow path and watching at just the right moment with just their eyes will see an amazing sight: Regulus will seem to abruptly disappear as if a switch had been thrown, blotted out by the tiny invisible asteroid.
Regulus will remain invisible for up to 14 seconds (for those situated along the center of the path); an incredible, albeit very brief occurrence.
This "once in a lifetime event" eclipsing right over New York. Where the Statue of Liberty is.
Revelations 17
There I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns. 4 The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries. 5 The name written on her forehead was a mystery:
15 Then the angel said to me, “The waters you saw, where the prostitute sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations and languages. 16 The beast and the ten horns you saw will hate the prostitute. They will bring her to ruin and leave her naked; they will eat her flesh and burn her with fire. 17 For God has put it into their hearts to accomplish his purpose by agreeing to hand over to the beast their royal authority, until God’s words are fulfilled. 18 The woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth.”
America's colors are red, white and blue. Red+Blue = Purple. Purple apparently represents royalty as well as vanity. Scarlet represents the blood of Christ and martyrs.
The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet
The color purple is also associated with royalty in Christianity, being one of the three traditional offices of Jesus Christ, i. e. king, although such a symbolism was assumed from the earlier Roman association or at least also employed by the ancient Romans.
In Europe and America, purple is the color most associated with vanity, extravagance, and individualism. Among the seven major sins, it represents vanity. It is a color which is used to attract attention
In the Roman Catholic Church, scarlet is the color worn by a cardinal, and is associated with the blood of Christ and the Christian martyrs, and with sacrifice.
According to this, the creator wanted the Statue of Liberty to be covered in gold.
and was glittering with gold
**8.Bartholdi planned for the statue to be covered in gold.**In order to make the statue visible after dark, Bartholdi proposed that Americans raise the money to gild her. However, given how daunting and arduous a task it had been to gather even enough money to place the statue in New York harbor, no one followed through on paying the enormous cost of covering the massive statue in gold.
Not to mention this little interesting fact that brings the 2nd Beasts actions that are spoken of to mind.
:The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.
:**9. Thomas Edison once had plans to make the statue talk.**When Edison introduced the phonograph to the public in 1878, he told the newspapers that he was designing a “monster disc” for the interior of the Statue of Liberty that would allow the statue to deliver speeches that could be heard up to the northern part of Manhattan and across the bay. Thankfully, no one pursued that strange promise, which would have led to the odd experience of walking in New York and suddenly hearing the Statue of Liberty “talking.”
precious stones and pearls.
There are 25 windows in the crown which symbolize gemstones found on the earth and the heaven’s rays shining over the world.
The sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi designed the statue to be fully illuminated, a feature that’s suggested in its official name, “La Liberté Eclairant le Monde,” or “Liberty Enlightening the World.” (At first the Statue of Liberty doubled as a lighthouse, given its position in the New York Harbor, but that didn’t last: It was decommissioned as such in 1902.)
Originally the lighting scheme was to be red, white, and blue—with a giant searchlight trained on the statue’s face and shoulders. Officials claimed in 19th-century newspaper accounts that they would make the statue so bright as to cast a glow on the clouds of the night sky 100 miles away. The statue’s face was to be lit by a reflector so bright that newspapers described it as “4 million candle power.” Her diadem was meant to sparkle with electric light. These were lofty goals in the dawn of the electrical age, and they carried symbolism that has lost much of its potency now that electricity is taken for granted.
She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries.
In the torch, the flames are covered in gold. Looks enough like a cup. Also, in Isaiah 14:12 (another prophecy detailing the fall of Babylon that I didn't bother copying and pasting all of here) it refers to Babylon (or it's king) as "Lucifer, son of the morning". Lucifer means "light bringer" (hence the torch and the statue's original name being Liberty Enlightening the World) or "morning star" which is another name for the planet Venus which is associated with Inanna/Ishtar.
How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
Notice how that star shape has 11 points? Seems like a strange number.
The beast and the ten horns you saw will hate the prostitute. They will bring her to ruin and leave her naked; they will eat her flesh and burn her with fire. 17 For God has put it into their hearts to accomplish his purpose by agreeing to hand over to the beast their royal authority
The 10 kings + the beast = 11.
The seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits. They are also seven kings.
It has 7 spikes coming out of the head.
We're a very diverse country and Lady Liberty represents us taking in people from all countries. We pretty much control the world (for now) as the 7 hills represents the 7 continents, which is literally what is said they represent. Plus she's literally sitting on an island in the water.
Then the angel said to me, “The waters you saw, where the prostitute sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations and languages.
The creator of the Statue of Liberty, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, was a Freemason and they placed this plaque at the base of the statue.
Masonic theories abound about the Statue of Liberty’s connection to the masons. Those who do ascribe to the theory cite Bartholdi’s and Eiffel’s membership in the Freemasons, that many original plans for the statue demonstrate the link and that many elements of the statue carry symbolic meaning.
In addition, the masons presided over the cornerstone laying for the Statue of Liberty, a moment commemorated in a 1984 plaque in dedication to the masons on the 100th anniversary. In 1884, the grand master William A. Brodie laid the cornerstone with grand lodge members present. Brodie is reported to have said, “Why call upon the Masonic Fraternity to lay the cornerstone of such a structure as is here to be erected? No institution has done more to promote liberty and to free men from the trammels and chains of ignorance and tyranny than has Freemasonry.”
Then there's the poem that is inside the base.
The New Colossus
Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,With conquering limbs astride from land to land;Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall standA mighty woman with a torch, whose flameIs the imprisoned lightning, and her nameMOTHER OF EXILES. From her beacon-handGlows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes commandThe air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
"Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries sheWith silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"
The Mother of exiles.

Prophecies of the Destruction of Babylon / America / New York

Jeremiah 51
45 “Come out of her, my people!Run for your lives!Run from the fierce anger of the Lord.46 Do not lose heart or be afraidwhen rumors are heard in the land;one rumor comes this year, another the next,rumors of violence in the landand of ruler against ruler.47 For the time will surely comewhen I will punish the idols of Babylon;her whole land will be disgraced
Well, we're definitely hearing of rumors of violence here in America and if there aren't rumors of ruler against ruler, we're going hear them soon.
The Bible details the destruction of Babylon a few different times. Mystery Babylon seems to be a new Babylon, different than the one in Biblical times, that gets destroyed at the end. Everything described here sounds like America and the King of Babylon being Trump. The capital being New York.
With the eclipse of Regulus in 2014 for 14 seconds right over New York. I think they might get hit with something major. Maybe a hurricane. This season is suppose to be bad and FEMA is saying they are completely unprepared. I'm sure that wasn't on purpose or anything. I think maybe a big earthquake might happen soon too in the next month. Seeing a lot of weird shit. A lot of polarity with the planets and asteroids. I think it's all connected to our polarity as the Trump Delusion continues. You seeing these reports and videos of these racist people just saying mean shit to people all over the place now for no reason? They're lashing out because they're scared their delusion bubble might burst so they're acting out. It's only going to escalate until both sides completely lose their fucking minds.

The New Roman Empire / Fourth Reich & The Double Headed Eagle of Lagash
Welcome to General Election 2016 – The Transition
The Hegelian Dialectic is the transition of things. And the Illuminati loves to use it. We have been expecting it.
We have read about it. And now it is here, in front of our faces. And many are IGNORING it.
Folks, we are witnessing Hegelian logic on display.
How we got here is an aside, but here we are. The disease is Hillary, and the medicine is Trump. For most folks, that’s all that matters. Case closed. What most citizens do not realize is that this is all a ruse. A mirage.
It is being carried by, “they.”
“They” are using the illusion, because America was stationary and stubborn.
“You can’t New World Order me!” Americans said, “…Because we know about you.”
Did the globalists go away and cry in their beer? Nope. They knew this would happen. It was expected. Butsome of the citizens heard a few radio shows that told them, “we’re gonna win.”
Hegel’s dialectic utilizes the “mirage.” And then steers the people through its house of mirrors with scary monsters. In America’s case, the monster is a short woman with a trucker’s voice named Hillary. Their task is simple. Globalism. But how do they get there?
Scare them with the Thesis – Hillary / the Enemy of Freedom.
And offset her with the Anti-thesis – Donald the Lion-Hearted / Champion of the People.
…Next stop – the Synthesis. Ashes with a rising phoenix.
It's right there in front of us. Do you see it folks?
This is also known as
Problem > Reaction > Solution
Ultimately this is leading to:
Problem: Trump vs Deep State
Reaction: Global Disaster
Solution: One world government and one world currency
They say this is a double headed eagle, it's not. It's a double headed Phoenix. And it's the symbol of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonary.
“The Double Headed Eagle of Lagash” is the oldest Royal Crest in the World… No emblematic device of today can boast of such antiquity. Its origin has been traced to the ancient city of Lagash. It was in use a thousand years before the Exodus from Egypt and more than two thousand years before the building of “King Solomon’s Temple.”
“As time rolled on, it passed from the Sumerians to the men of Akkad, from the men of Akkad to the Hittites, from the denizens of Asia Minor to the Seljukian Sultans from whom it was brought by the Crusaders to the Emperors of the East and West, whose successors were the Hapsburgs and the Romanoffs.”
“In recent excavations, the city-emblem of Lagash was disclosed also as a lion headed eagle sinking his claws into the bodies of two lions standing back to back. This is evidently a variant of the other eagle symbol”.
“The city of Lagash is in Sumer in Southern Babylonia, between the Euphrates and the Tigris and near the modern Shatra in Iraq, Lagash had a calendar of twelve lunar months, a system of weights and measures, a banking and accounting system and was a center of art, literature, military and political power, five thousand years before Christ”.
“In 102 B.C. the Roman Consul Marius decreed that the Eagle be displayed as a symbol of Imperial Rome. Later, as a world power, Rome used the Double-Headed Eagle, one head facing the East the other facing the West, symbolizing the universality and unity of the Empire. The Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire continued its use and the symbol was adopted later in Germany during the halcyon days of conquest and imperial power”.
So far as is known, the Double-Headed Eagle was first used in Freemasonry in 1758 by a Masonic Body in Paris – the Emperors of the East and West. During a brief period the Masonic Emperors of the East and West controlled the advanced degrees then in use and became a precursor of the “Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite”.
The Latin caption under the Double-Headed Eagle – “Spes Mea in Deo Est” translated is “My Hope Is In God”.
A part of this sounds familiar
“In recent excavations, the city-emblem of Lagash was disclosed also as a lion headed eagle sinking his claws into the bodies of two lions standing back to back. This is evidently a variant of the other eagle symbol”.
In 102 B.C. the Roman Consul Marius decreed that the Eagle be displayed as a symbol of Imperial Rome. Later, as a world power, Rome used the Double-Headed Eagle, one head facing the East the other facing the West, symbolizing the universality and unity of the Empire. The Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire continued its use and the symbol was adopted later in Germany during the halcyon days of conquest and imperial power”.
So far as is known, the Double-Headed Eagle was first used in Freemasonry in 1758 by a Masonic Body in Paris – the Emperors of the East and West. During a brief period the Masonic Emperors of the East and West controlled the advanced degrees then in use and became a precursor of the “Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite”
So it represented the universality and unity of the Empire of Rome and was later adopted by Germany during their days of conquest and imperial power. For these Freemasons, it represents two emperors, one from the east and one from the west coming together to create one empire. Hmm.. I wonder if that has any significance to today's world.
The imperial bird with two heads simultaneously facing East and West has been Russia’s official coat of arms for centuries, with only a break during the Soviet era. The emblem, however, is far older than the country, with roots dating to ancient civilizations.
An eagle on a country’s coat of arms is quite common – this bird is as popular a national symbol as the lion. “He is the king of birds; just like the lion is believed to rule all animals, and he is associated with the cult of the sun,” Georgy Vilinbakhov, head of Russia’s Heraldic Council, explains.
So Trump's new coat of arms has the same symbol as Russia which symbolizes 2 empires, one from the east and one from the west, combining into one.
Does the way they dress look familiar to anyone?

The Rise of The Phoenix and One World Currency
Source: Economist; 01/9/88, Vol. 306, pp 9-10
Title of article: Get Ready for the Phoenix
THIRTY years from now, Americans, Japanese, Europeans, and people in many other rich countries, and some relatively poor ones will probably be paying for their shopping with the same currency. Prices will be quoted not in dollars, yen or D-marks but in, let’s say, the phoenix. The phoenix will be favoured by companies and shoppers because it will be more convenient than today’s national currencies, which by then will seem a quaint cause of much disruption to economic life in the last twentieth century.At the beginning of 1988 this appears an outlandish prediction. Proposals for eventual monetary union proliferated five and ten years ago, but they hardly envisaged the setbacks of 1987. The governments of the big economies tried to move an inch or two towards a more managed system of exchange rates – a logical preliminary, it might seem, to radical monetary reform. For lack of co-operation in their underlying economic policies they bungled it horribly, and provoked the rise in interest rates that brought on the stock market crash of October. These events have chastened exchange-rate reformers. The market crash taught them that the pretence of policy co-operation can be worse than nothing, and that until real co-operation is feasible (i.e., until governments surrender some economic sovereignty) further attempts to peg currencies will flounder
The new world economyThe biggest change in the world economy since the early 1970’s is that flows of money have replaced trade in goods as the force that drives exchange rates. as a result of the relentless integration of the world’s financial markets, differences in national economic policies can disturb interest rates (or expectations of future interest rates) only slightly, yet still call forth huge transfers of financial assets from one country to another. These transfers swamp the flow of trade revenues in their effect on the demand and supply for different currencies, and hence in their effect on exchange rates. As telecommunications technology continues to advance, these transactions will be cheaper and faster still. With unco-ordinated economic policies, currencies can get only more volatile.
In all these ways national economic boundaries are slowly dissolving. As the trend continues, the appeal of a currency union across at least the main industrial countries will seem irresistible to everybody except foreign-exchange traders and governments. In the phoenix zone, economic adjustment to shifts in relative prices would happen smoothly and automatically, rather as it does today between different regions within large economies (a brief on pages 74-75 explains how.) The absence of all currency risk would spur trade, investment and employment.
The phoenix zone would impose tight constraints on national governments. There would be no such thing, for instance, as a national monetary policy. The world phoenix supply would be fixed by a new central bank, descended perhaps from the IMF. The world inflation rate – and hence, within narrow margins, each national inflation rate- would be in its charge. Each country could use taxes and public spending to offset temporary falls in demand, but it would have to borrow rather than print money to finance its budget deficit. With no recourse to the inflation tax, governments and their creditors would be forced to judge their borrowing and lending plans more carefully than they do today. This means a big loss of economic sovereignty, but the trends that make the phoenix so appealing are taking that sovereignty away in any case. Even in a world of more-or-less floating exchange rates, individual governments have seen their policy independence checked by an unfriendly outside world.
As the next century approaches, the natural forces that are pushing the world towards economic integration will offer governments a broad choice. They can go with the flow, or they can build barricades. Preparing the way for the phoenix will mean fewer pretended agreements on policy and more real ones. It will mean allowing and then actively promoting the private-sector use of an international money alongside existing national monies. That would let people vote with their wallets for the eventual move to full currency union. The phoenix would probably start as a cocktail of national currencies, just as the Special Drawing Right is today. In time, though, its value against national currencies would cease to matter, because people would choose it for its convenience and the stability of its purchasing power.
The alternative – to preserve policymaking autonomy- would involve a new proliferation of truly draconian controls on trade and capital flows. This course offers governments a splendid time. They could manage exchange-rate movements, deploy monetary and fiscal policy without inhibition, and tackle the resulting bursts of inflation with prices and incomes polices. It is a growth-crippling prospect. Pencil in the phoenix for around 2018, and welcome it when it comes.
So it was a random Sunday: bed, eat, repeat until I went online and I saw a link by a new user called @limon. There was a small introduction to a YouTube video which at first glance didn’t look interesting, but what the hell? Lets read this.
He talked about an article from The Economist, year 1988, coin, phoenix and then Zoin… wtf?
Anyways, I opened the link (don’t open links from strangers) and watched the video in Youtube, (it’s in Spanish)
@limon claims in the video (minute 5) that he actually found a not so well know cryptocurrency (yet) by doing some research on an article from 1988 and he is somehow convinced it’s going to be huge. Yes, @limon saw the writing and thought maybe I should check this and find out which is the coin of the future.
As crazy as it seems, finding a cryptocurrency by doing research on a 1988 magazine its quite incredible. Is it a coincidence or is it a prediction? Not even @limon knows, but there’s a few things that can blow up your mind here.
This is the article from 1988. It claims that there will be a currency (referred as “phoenix”) that will be used by everybody in several countries in 2018.
So yes, you all might say “the coin is called the Phoenix”. There’s actually a coin called Phoenixcoin but that didn’t seem to convince @limon once he checked it out in (it sucked even for @limon who wanted to believe with all his heart)
But @limon didn’t give up, he thought what if its hidden? So he decided to take a closer look at the magazine cover.
He noticed that he could read the letters backward (um…interesting)
He got XIN3ONd NET by reading the cover letter backwards and he said well, XIN is Chinese, and found out in google translator that XIN meant NEW.
Then 3ONd he looked at it and thought this is Russian… and it was. That weird word that would not mean anything to someone meant something for @limon so he decided to google translate it.
Well yeah 3ONd is Russian and means ZOI, but wait is this a coin? @Limon decided to search “ZOI” in
WOW, Zoin existed. He ended up with the sentence NEW ZOI NET, in which Zoi was an actual currency.
He starting searching now all about Zoin (DYOR) and liked everything he saw. The team, the community and development its very much updated.
Got even more carried away when he saw Zoin’s logo:
And when he researched even deeper, he found out that ZOIN was left by its first developer and got taken over by its community from all over the world.
Yes, Zoin emerged from the ashes. What? wait. Zoin is also a Phoenix.
Anyways, @limon found all the signs of a prophecy from 1988.
He couldn’t wait so he joined Zoin’s community and shared his video.
By the way he bought some Zoin. After finding the last lost prophecy he had no plans on missing out.
Check all about Zoin in the following links.
You can reach out to the team on Discord, website address is and their twitter @zoinofficial
You better don’t miss it. Its a prophecy.
Thank you limon.
Notice the year on the coin and at the end of the article, 2018. "Pencil in the phoenix for around 2018, and welcome it when it comes". Trump and Russia both have a double headed Phoenix signifying the union of an Empire. This article talks about a one world currency called "Phoenix" coming in 2018. The number 10 upside down is 01. It's a bit on a coin
I posted about an Israeli company that can do things with blockchain and DNA in my previous postings on this topic. I think that this will have something to do with the Mark of the Beast.

Trump is the Tip of the Spear for the NWO Plan

Notice the spear tip coming out of the Phoenix's head on the cover of the Economist magazine? Trump. has a spear on top of both of his coat of arm. Trump is the tip of the sphere. I think once he's fulfilled his purpose in wrecking everything and nuking North Korea, I think they might have someone take him out. Then things would get even crazier.

My Other Posts on This Topic
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The Primary Drivers of Ecocide


In 2017, the myth of powering the world with 100% renewables has started to crack
Global demand for oil will continue to increase until 2040 says the IEA
The EU is emitting way more greenhouse gases than it says
UC Davis Peer Reviewed Study: It Will Take 131 Years to Replace Oil with Alternatives (Malyshkina, 2010)
At this rate, it’s going to take nearly 400 years to transform the energy system
University of Chicago Peer Reviewed Study: predicts world economy unlikely to stop relying on fossil fuels (Covert, 2016)
Solar and Wind produced less than one percent of total world energy in 2016 – IEA WEO 2017
Turbines Kill So Many Birds They’re Effectively an Apex Predator
Fossil Fuel Share of Global Energy since 1990 – BP 2017
Renewable energy ‘simply won’t work’: Top Google engineers
Top scientists show why powering US using 100 percent renewable energy is a delusional fantasy
IEA Sees No Peak Oil Demand ‘Any Time Soon’, WSJ
There Will Be An Oil Shortage In The 2020s, Goldman Sachs Says (CNBC)
Natural gas to become largest energy source by 2030 — IEA
Renewable Energy Is Surging, but Not Fast Enough to Stop Warming
Peak Conventional Oil In Ten Years
The Curse of Energy Efficiency
Vaclav Smil: “The great hope for a quick and sweeping transition to renewable energy is wishful thinking”
The Long Slow Rise of Solar and Wind – Vaclav Smil
Wind turbines are not helping with energy — they are consuming much more coal in their creation
Is Renewable Energy Renewable? – 100 min
Global Energy Demand & Carbon Emissions Increase In 2017
A new report finds that none of the negative emission technologies has the potential to deliver carbon removals at the gigaton (Gt) scale and at the rate of deployment envisaged by the IPCC, including reforestation, afforestation, carbon-friendly agriculture, bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCs), enhanced weathering, ocean fertilisation, or direct air capture and carbon storage (DACCs).
Air conditioning will consume 100% of renewable energy by 2050
Large Hydropower Dams ‘Not Sustainable’
As Prairies Get Plowed for Biofuels, Greens Demand EPA Act

Mass Extinction

Humans are sleepwalking into a mass extinction of species not seen since the demise of the dinosaurs | The London Economic
World on track to lose two-thirds of wild animals by 2020, Guardian
The World Has Two Years To Secure A Deal To Halt Species Extinction Agriculture and overuse greater threats to wildlife than climate change, Guardian
Mass migration of species to cooler climes has profound implications for society, pushing disease-carrying insects, crop pests and crucial pollinators into new areas, Guardian
Researchers talk of ‘biological annihilation’ as study reveals billions of populations of animals have been lost in recent decades, Guardian
70% Of World’s Last Remaining Wilderness Is In Just Five Countries
The Extinction of Wilderness: The world’s untouched lands and oceans are rapidly disappearing, and scientists are calling for action
The Extinction Crisis, Center For Biological Diversity
How humans are driving the sixth mass extinction, Guardian
Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction Has Begun, New Study Confirms
Only drastic action can save us from the sixth mass extinction
Insect Collapse, Guardian


Water shortages could affect 5bn people by 2050, UN report warns
By 2020 about 30-40% of the world will have water scarcity, and according to the researchers, climate change can make this even worse.
With only 7% of the world’s freshwater, China plans to produce 807 million gallons a day from desalination by 2020, roughly quadruple the country’s current capacity.
By 2025, an estimated 1.8 billion people will live in areas plagued by water scarcity, with two-thirds of the world’s population living in water-stressed regions.
There will be about 1 billion more mouths to feed worldwide by 2025 and global agriculture alone will require another 1 trillion cubic meters of water per year (equal to the annual flow of 20 Niles or 100 Colorado Rivers).
UN studies project that 30 nations will be water scarce in 2025, up from 20 in 1990.
According to the U.S. Intelligence Community Assessment of Global Water Security, by 2030 humanity’s “annual global water requirements” will exceed “current sustainable water supplies” by 40%.
Water demand in India will reach 1.5 trillion cubic meters in 2030 while India’s current water supply is only 740 billion cubic meters.
If current usage trends don’t change, the world will have only 60 percent of the water it needs in 2030.
By 2035, the world’s energy consumption will increase by 35 percent, which in turn will increase water use by 15 percent according to the International Energy Agency.
By the year 2040 there will not be enough water in the world to quench the thirst of the world population and keep the current energy and power solutions going if we continue doing what we are doing today.
The number of people living in river basins under severe water stress is projected to reach 3.9 billion by 2050, totaling over 40% of the world’s population.
Compared to today, five times as much land is likely to be under “extreme drought” by 2050.
Feeding 9 billion people by 2050, will require a 60 percent increase in agricultural production and a 15 percent increase in water withdrawals.
Water demand is projected to grow by 55 percent by 2050 (including a 400-percent rise in manufacturing water demand).
By 2050, 1 in 5 developing countries will face water shortages (UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization).
Between 2050 and 2100, there is an 85 percent chance of a drought in the Central Plains and Southwestern United States lasting 35 years or more.
If farmers in Kansas keep irrigating at present rates, 69 percent of the Ogallala Aquifer will be gone in 50 years.


Britain facing food crisis as world's soil 'vanishes in 60 years' - Telegraph
Only 60 Years of Farming Left If Soil Degradation Continues - Sciam
We need to protect the world's soil before it's too late - Popular Science
Soil erosion - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
We’re treating soil like dirt. It’s a fatal mistake, as our lives depend on it
Mass starvation is humanity’s fate if we keep flogging the land to death
75% of Earth's Land Areas Are Degraded (
Billions of people live on farmland that is deteriorating and producing less food


The livestock sector could take between 37% and 49% of the GHG budget allowable under the 2°C and 1.5°C targets, respectively, by 2030.
Toxic Oilfield Wastewater Used to Grow California Organic Food
Tropical rainforests may be near a tipping point beyond our control
SMARTPHONES = Earth Dead Faster Than Expected
Sorry, Earth, The Ozone Layer Isn't Healing Itself After All
The Earth-Space Battery And The Future of Life on Earth
40% of Amazon Rainforest Already destroyed !!!
Tropical Deforestation Is the Third-Biggest Carbon Emitter in the World
Inside the Amazon's deforestation crisis
Rivers in the Sky: How Deforestation Is Affecting Global Water Cycles
Palm Oil Was Supposed to Help Save the Planet. Instead It Unleashed a Catastrophe
The spiralling environmental cost of our lithium battery addiction
Air Pollution Is Killing Kids (


Bitcoin alone could push global warming above 2°C in 15 years
Going Nowhere Fast on Climate, Year After Year
Major natural carbon sink may soon become carbon source
Science education must reflect reality: We only have 12 years to stop climate change
Climate Change Causing More Severe Wildfires, Larger Insect Outbreaks in Temperate Forests
Uncounted fracking emissions means 2°C by 2030
Australian researchers says energy use per person points to 2C warming by 2030
Seafloor Is Dissolving Because of Climate Change
Scientists ponder risk of abrupt climate shift
Are we losing one of our biggest carbon dioxide sinks? Ocean Storms Could Alter Kelp Forest Ecosystems

Artificial Intelligence

A.I. will replace 50% of all jobs in 10 years A.I. will replace 50% of all jobs by 2025, a Swiss think-tank has warned Robot automation will 'take 800 million jobs by 2030' Doctors and lawyers will lose jobs to A.I. too

Species Feminization

Males of All Species are Becoming More Female
Pollution Causing Feminization of Males Across Multiple Species, The Independent
Environmental impact of estrogens on human, animal and plant life, Science Direct
Warming warning over turtle feminization, PhysOrg
Environmental Warming and Feminization of Sea Turtle Populations,
Demasculinization and feminization of male gonads by atrazine: Consistent effects across vertebrate classes, NIH
Are Endocrine Disruptors Blurring Issues of Gender? NIC
Background fish feminization effects in European remote sites, Nature
Endocrine Disruption Found in Fish Exposed to Municipal Wastewater, USGS
Evolution or Extinction of Men, Women's Health
Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care Products, and Endocrine Disruptors in Water


The impact of exposure to air pollution on cognitive performance, PNAS
Seniors and men are especially vulnerable to cognitive decline due to dirty air, Motherboard
Is air pollution making us stupider?
'Suppressed' EU report could have banned 31 pesticides worth billions, the report said pesticides are making us stupid, depressed and infertile, Guardian
Western diet cause reduced cognition, declining cognition and dementia, NIH
Too Much Screen Time Damages the Brain
What Screen Time Can Really Do to Kids' Brains
Your smartphone📱is making you👈 stupid, antisocial 🙅 and unhealthy 😷. So why can't you put it down❔⁉️, The Globe & Mail
Myopia Epidemic From Too Much Screen Time, Not Enough Sunlight


Non-stick Frying Pans Making Penises Smaller
Western Male Sperm Counts Down 60% in 40 years
Generational decline in testosterone levels observed, (2007) Helio
You're Not The Man Your Father Was, Forbes
Lower testosterone levels in men are related to depression, lethargy, weight gain and lower cognitive ability.
Millennial men are significantly weaker than their fathers, The Telegraph
Ship of Fools, Tucker Carlson,+lethargy,+weight+gain+and+lower+cognitive+ability.&source=bl&ots=gRWKRyp2MW&sig=y8tpuvyqW9v9AuN5CdXqz6x5PRI&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwianojPucXfAhWCiYMKHcjEBIkQ6AEwEXoECAwQAQ

Academic And Scientific Fraud

1,500 scientists lift the lid on reproducibility
Is the Peer Review Process a Scam? - enago academy
Let's end reviewer fraud - Publons
107 cancer papers retracted due to peer review fraud | Ars Technica
Peer review: a flawed process at the heart of science - Google Scholar
Why scientists need to do more about research fraud - Guardian
Canadian researchers who commit scientific fraud are protected by privacy laws - The Toronto Star
China cracks down after investigation finds massive peer-review fraud - science mag
The Bottom of the Barrel of Science Fraud - Neuroskeptic
Peer-Review Fraud — Hacking the Scientific Publication Process | NEJM
Scientific Fraud - EuroScientist journal
5 Common Types of Pharmaceutical Frauds You Should Know About!
Tribalization Tribalization. Why War is Coming
How America's identity politics went from inclusion to division
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Split-Scale: Scaling Bitcoin by Partitioning the UTXO Space

Date: 2018-09-22
Author(s): Kazım Rıfat Özyılmaz, Harsh Patel, Ankit Malik

Link to Paper

The Bitcoin protocol is a significant milestone in the history of money. However, its adoption is currently constrained by the transaction limits of the system. As the chief problem of blockchain technology, the scaling issue has attracted many valuable solutions both on-chain and off-chain. In this paper, our goal is to explore the notion of unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs) to propose an augmented Bitcoin protocol that can scale gracefully. Our proposal aims to increase the transaction throughput by partitioning the UTXO space and splitting the blockchain. In addition, a new type of Bitcoin node is introduced to preserve the capability to run validating nodes in low-bandwidth environments, despite the increased transaction throughput.

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04-14 08:16 - 'I apologize in advance for the length (and format most likely on this thread), but here are the main points with ALL the sourcing you need to prove this is a total scam: / HISTORY OF FALSE " PARTNERSHIP" WITH CHARITY: / I was...' by /u/TimTayshun removed from /r/Bitcoin within 0-3min

I apologize in advance for the length (and format most likely on this thread), but here are the main points with ALL the sourcing you need to prove this is a total scam:
I was the first to expose the fact that One World Foundation LIED about their Partnership with the charity SEVA Canada (which helps blind children), after becoming suspicious of the organization and simply deciding to make a phone call and email inquiry.
I received a response from Penny Lyons, SEVA's Executive Director confirming my suspicion of fraudulent association claims.
[link]1 and see this >2min. video put together by Ben Zmith:
[link]2 images:
[link]3 [link]4 [link]5
(Onecoin and One World Foundation CEO and co-founder Mrs. Ruja Ignatova CAUGHT LYING)
Image: from Onecoin's website (reminder Onecoin/ One World Foundation are the same entity run by Ignatova: [link]6 and: [link]7 SEE: 20 seconds into this video from one of their top reps: [link]8 VIDEO shows a Onecoin member flipping through Forbes magazine (and Onecoin curiously appears to have both back cover ad, as well as last page full-page ad): [link]9 WHILE ONECOIN PROMOTED THE ABOVE AS AN ACTUAL "FORBES" COVER (AND ARTICLE) TO LURE NEW INVESTORS, IT WAS MERELY A PAID ADVERTISEMENT FROM THEIR MARKETING ARM CALLED "BRAND VOICE." SOURCE: [link]10
Directly from Forbes Bulgaria's website: [link]11 . or see short video proof HERE: [link]12
QUOTE: "Financial IT magazine is published 4 times a year. With distribution of over 2,000 print and digital copies, our magazine is a perfect media vehicle to extend global reach of your print advertisement and brand awareness campaigns."
SOURCE: [link]13 "
MEDIA KIT: [link]14
This is from a Onecoin top rep (close-up of cover saying "Winter" Issue: [link]15 and this: [link]16 HERE ARE BOTH THE OFFICIAL "WINTER" ISSUE, PLUS THE RUJA (PAID) COVER ISSUE AND STORY
FEBRUARY: [link]18
AGAIN: The FINANCIAL IT magazine cover and story is yet another PAID ADVERTISEMENT using DECEPTIVE TACTICS (and FRAUDULENT marketing) to attract newly invested funds to pay off existing investors
Onecoin/ One World Foundation Founder and CEO, Mrs. Ruja Ignatova announcing that Onecoin will be listed on a new cryptocurrency exchange (on the open market)
The TITLE of this Presentation at GIANT recruiting Conference in Dubai on May 15th, 2015, was,: "Taking Onecoin to the Next Level"
(every indication suggests that this fake "exchange" is likely created by Onecoin themselves)
PLAGIARIZED#1: xcoinx is the exact copy of coinmarketcap (a real exchange), but with Onecoin as the #2 cryptocurrency in the world with a market cap of just under $4 Billion. Coinmarketcap currently lists 730 qty. separate cryptocurrencies. Onecoin is nowhere on that list. Of the many dozens of exchanges, Onecoin is not listed on ANY in the world other than this fake site. DIRECT SOURCE: [link]19 DIRECT SOURCE: [link]21 PLAGIARIZED #2: xcoinx copied 100% VERBATIM the entire FAQ from BitStamp (a respected cryptocurrency exchange) DIRECT SOURCE: http://[link]19 /faq DIRECT SOURCE: [link]23 FURTHERMORE
The price of Onecoin (the same company who runs One World Foundation) NEVER goes down! Only up!!
The price is dictated by Ruja Ignatova and has no basis in reality or free-market economics
HERE is what ANY commodity or currency chart looks like in real life (example): [link]24 HERE is the first chart in the entire world which magically looks like this (SOURCE): [link]25 THIS IS A GIANT PONZI/ PYRAMID SCHEME WHICH SIMPLY CANNOT BE SUSTAINED!
NOTE: I personally challenged one of the top Onecoin recruiters, Ken Labine (Canada) to a LIVE web DEBATE this past Saturday, April 9th, 2016 at 4:00PM PST to expose this information and discuss it. He agreed! HOWEVER, instead, he literally broadcast a 4 1/2 HOUR LONG (!!!) ...soliloquy of himself reading comments and facts I had posted, trying desperately, in a futile attempt, to discredit me (he ended up disabling his comments, as he does on all videos). As of the moment his video has over 1,000 views. He never let me on the air and never let me say even one word, whatsoever. The evasiveness and cowardice was palpable! (
I do not expect you to watch, but here is the link) SOURCE: [link]26 The blogger from Behind MLM site who saw it captured a brief moment of the video and ran it next to Onecoin Founder Ruja Ignatova explaining exactly what Ken Labine was lying about. So, a liar disproving a liar about a scam product which uses DECEPTIVE TACTICS (and FRAUDULENT marketing) to attract newly invested funds to pay off existing investors
[link]29 [link]30 [link]31
Interview with top Onecoin con-artist: [link]32 2nd Finnish NEWS TV coverage of this scam: [link]33
My apology for the length of this message, but this is a very serious matter, dealing with very serious fraud In honesty, this is a very, very small portion of the evidence I have collected over the past 12 months that is damning to Onecoin and One World Foundation They have changed banks too many times to count in the past 12 months Ruja Ignatova (Founde CEO) history is incredibly vague and un-sourceable (and I'm great at sourcing evidence!) Ruja FALSE CLAIMS to be an "expert" and "professional" in cryptocurrency ("authored books," "consulted cryptocurrency companies") HERE she claims Bitcoin started "before terrorist attacks and before September 11 (2001)" - EVERYONE knows that Bitcoin began in January 2009 (certainly an "expert" would. Right?): TITLE: "Dr. Ruja "OneCoin" Ignatova in London 06. Feb. 2016" SEE STARTING AT EXACTLY 5:15 mark: [link]34 Onecoin IS NOW UNDER INVESTIGATION IN THE FOLLOWING COUNTRIES for operating an illegal pyramid scheme FINLAND: [link]35 SWEDEN: [link]36 ESTONIA: [link]37 AUSTRIA: [link]38 MORE TO COME, GUARANTEED!
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Author: TimTayshun
1: beh*n*mlm.c**/companies/onecoin*seva-c*n*da**e******onecoin-d**ation**and-severs*t*e*/ 2: 3: behi**mlm*com*wp-*onten*/up*oads/20*5/06/*eva**a*ada-do**t*on-mes*ag*-one-w*rl*-f*un**tion-*ebsit**june-20**.g*f 4: b*hin**lm.*om*w*-cont**t/upl*ads/201*/0*/seva-ca*a*a-onec***-p*omo*i*na*-*ideo.gif 5: be*ind*l*.c*m*wp**ontent/**l*a*s/20**/0*/**-r*lationship-with-onecoin-*n*-world-f*u*dation***va*can*d*-*ebsi*e.gif 6: behind**m.*om*wp-conten*/up*oads/**15*05/ruja**gnato**-for*e*-ma**zi**-cover-*necoin-web**t*.jp* 7: l*lyhar*ey.*om/**-cont**t/****a*s/*015/*2/D*-Ruj*-on-Forbes.jpg 8: 9: 10: w*w***a***roducts/ 11: fo*besbulg****nt/uplo**s*2*1*/*5**over*49.jpg 12: 13: www.fin***i***/con*ent/we*com*-financ*a**i*#*thash*2MS8p*JV.dp*f 14: *in*ncialit*net/sites/defa*lt*fi*e*/*in***ial_IT_M*d*a_Kit**01**pdf 15: 16: wo*a-**n***ueen-dr-ruj*-ig*at**a-mit*titel**nt*rvie*-i**mag*zin***nanci*l-i*/ 17: docdro.i***rIV3*T 18: docd**.i*/QI*xwsk 19: 20: 21: **inmarke*cap**om/ 22: ww**xcoin**co*/faq 23: *ww.bitst*mp*ne*/article*r*laun**-f*q* 24: ww*.tra*e****/bo*rds/*ttach*en*s/fo*ex/9844d109*000*14-**ee-f**cha***-*ax*ba*k-sit*-100504-sa*ple-la*o*t*jpg 25: w**.m*-one*o**n/im*ge**g*aph.jpg 26: 27: 28: *ehindmlm.*om/compani*s/o*ecoin*onec*i*-steal*a**os*-*00***-f*om**f*iliate/ 29: b*hi*dmlm**o**co*panies/onecoin/onecoi*-masterca**-me*ch**t*part-of*a-d*u*-ga*** 30: ww*.st*n**rd*c*.uk*news**ri*e/drugs-g*ng-fou*d-*ui***-of-*m*g**i*g-24-m*llio*-*orth*of-ca*nabis-*n-carpe**-a32*7336.html 31: behind***.*om/com*a*i*s/one*o**/*necoin-*uspend*master*a*d-a*proval***ithd*aw*ls/#commen*-*564*6 32: 33: 34: 35: www.h*.fi*ta*o*s/a*42984*4**546 36: ku*etu*s*t.b*ogspot*com/2**6/03/on**oin*under-polic*-in**sti*ati*n-*n***ml 37: www.est*ni****on*co*n*sc*m/ 38: www***s*mlmcomp**y201*.com*onecoin*on*coin-wa*ning-issu**-*y-a***rian-*on*u**r-protec*i*n/
Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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Explanation: "Why is the price so low / going down ?"

Preface Note: The purpose of this post is education ONLY and should not be considered outside of that scope. Nothing in this post does / should constitute as investing advice. No part of this post should be seen as investing advice nor a buy / sell / hold recommendation. Please use common sense and do not invest money you cannot afford to lose. Do your own research, considering multiple sources, so you can make an informed decision about the risk & rewards of ANY investment asset / security / fund. Without going into specific detail, I do have an advanced Economics degree and have worked in finance for an investment bank doing Quantitative Equity research. I have also sat on the first and second CFA ( Chartered Financial Analyst ) exams as well as Series 7 & 63. I have first learned of blockchain technology when Bitcoin was around $2 and started investing when it was around $10. Full disclosure: I own a nominal amount of Eth and run a relatively small mining operation consisting of 5 computers.
Note: All the "OMG WHY IS THE PRICE FALLING ?!?! " posts / questions have started to annoy me so this is my attempt to educate the channel and try to educate the channel. For this post I will assume the readers have no prior knowledge of Economics / Finance and try to use the "explain like I am five" format as much as possible. If you awe knowledgable in finance most of this post would seem simple for you but try to go through it, especially if you have an Economics / Finance background, and add to the conversation.
Lets Start With Some Basic Concepts

What is an asset ?

An asset is any thing that you can buy and hold. Real estate ( property like a House ) is an asset because you can buy it and hold on to it and it can possibly increase in price. You can hold a stock, or share in a company, and if that company does well, the price will do up and you can sell it for a profit. If you are a more conservative investor ( cannot risk losing your initial capital - money ) you might invest in bonds. They offer a lower return than stocks ( Equities ) but traditionally have a lower risk ( the probability that you might lose your initial investment ). Cryptocurrencies like Ether ( ETH ) are VERY high risk for a number of reasons. If you invest in a bond ( company debt ), depending on your bond status, you are first in line to get paid if the company defaults ( goes out of business ). If you invest in a company's stock ( Equity share ) you own a portion of that company but if that company goes out of business the lenders ( Bond Holders ) need to be paid before you get your share. In the case that the company is in debt and owes more in debt ( Bond and other creditors ) than it has in cash reserves and other assets ( things that the company owns that it can sell to raise cash money ), the company's **equity owners will not receive anything if the company goes bankrupt. This is why bonds are considered less risky if everything "hits the fan" they are first in line to get paid. Equity ( stock holders ) are usually the last ones to get paid. Thus, if you are an Equity investor ( owning shares of a company ) , ALL of Bond holders and other holders will be paid before you get your percentage share of the pool of capital ( money ) that is left. This is a little bit more complicated as in something like AR ( accounts receivable - something that the company bought on credit ) usually have priority over bond holders but you get the general idea.

Where are you as an investor in Ether ?

Nowhere. You hold cryptocurrency. Based on some financial models, it even has a Net Present Value of Zero based on the fact that it pays no dividends (cash payments based on % ownership) and is ONLY worth what another person is willing to pay for it. If "it" hits the fan you are losing ALL of your original investment. Keep this in mind at ALL times.

What is price / Why is the price what it is at a specific time ?

Price is a factor of buy & sell volume at THAT specific time period. If you use any descent broker / exchange they should have a chart of "market depth" this is the supply of people willing to sell or buy at a specific price. For example if the price is $100 and the market is liquid there should be a person willing to sell you that asset for $105 and someone will certainly buy your $100 asset for $95.

What is Value ?

Value is the present value of the asset. Present value can be calculated in a variety of way and not every investor makes this calculation in the same way. This is why one analyst can say a stock is worth $100 and another thinks it is worth $150. The price is the sum of what the market ( aggregation of buys / sellers / investors ) thinks what the present value value of the asset is at that particular time.

What is the present value of an asset ?

This can and is calculated by various investors in different way. Professional investors have a financial model ( taking inputs such as current price, current harsh rate, current difficulty, number of miners ect - and returning / calculating future / projected price ) that give them a expected price X months / years from now. Financial analysts then adjust this future value of price by the rate at which they can borrow capital ( money ) and get the present value of the asset. For example if I can borrow money at 5% then this asset is worth, $100.

What does the Current mean for a Long-Term investor?*

It really depends on your investment time frame ( how long you plan to hold ETH ). If you are willing to hold ETH for over a year or two, do not even look at shoer term price movements, they do not affect you in the slightest. As a long term investor you should only look at metrics, such as new accounts added or new clients ( or companies signed up to use Ethereum technology ). Short term price movements ( the difference between the current seller /buyer volume WILL reach equilibrium and return to an accurate NPV ( Net Present Value )...... EVENTUALLY. If you are planning to hold an asset for 1-2 years, you should consider day to day price ( or even month to month price ) as noise. Day to day or even month to month price will go up or down but it will trend towards the long-term VALUE of the asset.

What does price mean to a short term trader?

Everything. You live and die for the right direction. It doesn't matter where the price / value / whatever is going to be a month from now, what is the price doing NOW ? Now is all you care about if the price is $100 now and it will be $1,000 in a month, do you care? No. Where is the price going today ? Down ? Good, let me get on top of that trade !

How does short term trading momentum affect price ?

As you saw from that trader example. They don't necessarily care what the long term value is for an asset. If the price is going down, they will sell or even short ( sell borrowed shares ) if they have an opportunity. Why does this matter ? This matter is terms of short-term buy/sell volume. The value of an asset might be $100 but if traders sense that the price is going down, they will offload ( sell ) that asset in order to buy it back at a lower price. Take the current situation, the value of Eth might currently be worth $15 but why is everyone selling ? Everyone is selling because other people are selling ! If the price is going down, people assume they can sell now and buy back at a lower price, and they might be right. Where is this going to end ? When a large seller or a number of smaller sellers think that the asset is undervalued ( when the value is high than the current price ) and start buying. At this point the price will stall as the bears ( those who want the price to go down ) battle with bulls ( those who want the price to go up ) and one of them wins. If the buyers start to dictate price, the traders will have no choice but to side with the market and to buy back their positions which will cause the price of the asset to gradually ( or quickly ) increase. This might seem complicated but this is SOME of the things professional investors think about BEFORE they invest even $1 of their capital. Before investing, please consider all the factors, your investing time frame ( how long you can hold your asset ) and your risk tolerance ( how much can the asset go down before toy NEED to sell ).
If you like my analysis AND have spare Eth feel free ( no obligations )
Eth Tip Jar: 0x172453a0561CC29e36ca90af21904380fbD32D4a
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Bitcoin: -10% einplanen! Bitcoin Charts- Litecoin & Ethereum- LIVE (ARCANE BEAR) Bitcoin 4 Dimensional Chart (Time, BTC/USD, BTC/Gold, and BTC/SPX) Zeroing your AR-15: Ballistics 101 the 50 yard zero - YouTube How To Start Cypto Trading - Bitcoin (Tagalog)

1ArZGb5V24gAgN51FeQknobi6kNyGx739r Bitcoin address with balance chart. Received: 3,000.00 16 BTC (18 ins). first: 2013-04-17 20:17:43 UTC. last: 2020-10-03 18:01:54 UTC 1Ar6meJQCkNoC9wnPcyRNNpzX5fBDaGcKd Bitcoin address with balance chart. Received: 2,000.00 2 BTC (15 ins). first: 2014-06-12 07:22:00 UTC. last: 2020-08-26 11:41:20 UTC Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear. Bitcoin USD price, real-time (live) charts, bitcoin news and videos. Learn about BTC value, bitcoin cryptocurrency, crypto trading, and more. DAX Chart: aktueller DAX Kurs in Realtime und historische Entwicklung als Langzeitchart (15 Jahre). DAX (WKN 846900, ISIN DE0008469008).

[index] [28802] [27472] [14371] [23345] [21326] [43175] [34316] [19155] [39405] [46976]

Bitcoin: -10% einplanen!

We explore a 4-dimensional Bitcoin chart where we plot the price of BTC against time, the valuation with respect to the S&P 500, and the valuation with respect to gold (color-coded). What do you ... This video discusses the principles of rifles zeros and where "standardized" zeros like the 25/300 and 50/200 fall short. Do the data, find the solution that... In todays video we take a look at the Bitcoin price and some really cool charts. Also diving into the natural stones business and how they can use blockchain... BITCOIN CHART LIVESTREAM - Wird die 7100$ Marke halten?! Youtube Alternativen wie DTube im Talk - Duration: 1:31:36 ... 1,061 views. 1:31:36. Tesla Still Undervalued: Ark Investment Management CEO ... Alamin kung paano magsimula at mga dapat gawin bago magtrading sa cryptocurrency or bitcoin. Mga basic & simple but very powerful sources kung paano mag cryp...